Kalkbay Riviera: Sinead & Alex

Oh boy did I have my doubts about this shoot, I won’t lie – driving in to a pretty miserable looking Kalkbay and seeing nothing but grey clouds gathering over the mountain and trees being whipped around by, what the locals would probably call a “stiff breeze”! So much for a nice relaxing sunset shoot, I though. But that all changed pretty quickly, seeing these to all dressed up – all glamorous looking – like they stepped out for a late lunch on the French Riviera… and once we got into the sheltered little alleyways the wind was gone and the light went all soft and creamy and delicious. I loved the tones almost as much as the chemistry between Sinead and Alex – I hardly had to pose them at all. Generally “stand over there” would do the trick… and soon I’d have another cracker of the two of them chatting and laughing! Yay for easy clients! One of my favourite E-shoots to date, I have to say!

…now for the wedding! Stay tuned!

Kalkbay couple shoot_0001

Kalkbay couple shoot_0002

Kalkbay couple shoot_0003

Kalkbay couple shoot_0004

Kalkbay couple shoot_0005

Kalkbay couple shoot_0006

Kalkbay couple shoot_0007

Kalkbay couple shoot_0008

Kalkbay couple shoot_0009

Kalkbay couple shoot_0010

Kalkbay couple shoot_0011

Kalkbay couple shoot_0012

Kalkbay couple shoot_0013

Kalkbay couple shoot_0014

Kalkbay couple shoot_0015

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