Sinead & Alex


A few of my favorites from Sinead and Alex’ big day at the lovely Rijks Country House in Tulbagh… To say I it was hard to choose my favorites would be somewhat of an understatement – I could only whittle their online gallery down to about 350 odd images so picking these were super tuff! Also, I might need to get my camera shutter replaced after this because I just couldn’t stop myself from shooting! Continue Reading..

Sneak Peak: Natalie and Dev


Just a couple of favorites from Natalie and Dev’s beautiful Beloftebos wedding! These are without a doubt some of my favorite images of all time… That dress, that hair, that suite, that light – just creamy delicious goodness – not to mention the emotion and all the fun at the party! Craziness… awesomeness… beautifullness… and a few other words I still have to make up! LOVE… LOVE… LOVE!Continue Reading..

Berne & Johan


I had a ball shooting Berne and Johan’s wedding! As you can tell, the camera doesn’t exactly hate either of them… but what made it even more special was all the emotion on the day. I had a hard time not getting a little choked up myself – so it was all I could do, really – furiously fire away and try to capture all the special moments playing off around me… And, oh boy, were there some special moments! Not to mention some special light! Continue Reading..

Michaela & Rory


Michaela and Rory tied the knot at the spectacularly beautiful Vrede and Lust wine estate outside Franschoek. Beautiful bride, incredible views, perfect weather and a super fun bridal party – it was pretty hard not to enjoy yourself… No doubt the guest did, as I’m sure you can tell from the photos! Plenty of crazy dance moves, great toasts, shooters and some more crazy dance moves! Continue Reading..

Anine & Rickard


So it’s that time of the year again… Wedding season… And it’s with great pleasure that I present to you our first couple of the new season – the lovely Mr and Mrs Jansen van Vuuren, who tied the knot at the beautifully scenic Morgansvlei, just outside Tulbagh. I was just blown away – not only by the gusting wind, but more so by the sheer variety of decorative details and the amount of work that must have gone into creating Anine and Rickard’s big day. The reception venue was beautifully styled and decorated and I was still noticing little details for the first time late that night. So many special little touches – so many people helping out all around – it was just a fantastic occasion to be a part of. Continue Reading..

Sneak Peak: Leigh & Kinross


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse… Well, not quite! This little mouse is delivering a little Christmas prezzie. Merry merry and happy happy to Leigh and Kinross! Here’s a small little something to fill the stockings. More to come, promise! In the meantime, leave a comment and tell us how much you love these… we always enjoying hearing that sort of thing, dontcha know! Now.. to all a good night, and a good night to all! HO-HO-HO! Continue Reading..

Tanya & Warren


My first introduction to Tanya and Warren was the result of a rather strange sequence of events and, as it happens, it was also only 5 days before the wedding! Now the week before a wedding might have been called many things over the years but never has it ever been called “stress free”… 5 days before a wedding the words you are least likely to hear a couple utter is probably something like: “I really don’t feel like I need a stiff drink right now”… So suffice it to say that when Tanya and Warren walked into my house that evening I didn’t exactly have to convince them of the medicinal properties of a drink (of which there are many, I assure you!). Continue Reading..

Noele & Japie

0583 - NoeleJapie_small

Weddings rarely go exactly according to plan, but just because the plan doesn’t work out perfectly doesn’t mean the wedding doesn’t end up being perfect anyway… If I learned one lesson, it’s this – It’s the people that make the wedding, not the weather! And this was one of those weddings, I guess. Noele had her heart set on getting married in a garden at the foot of the mountain, with sweeping ocean views and balmy weather. Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans. Plans that included rain and wind – interrupted briefly by clear skies – followed shortly by rain… and wind… and then some clear skies… and then some more rain. The type of thing that has you asking some pretty pertinent questions about Mother Nature’s sobriety… Continue Reading..