Kalkbay Riviera: Sinead & Alex


Oh boy did I have my doubts about this shoot, I won’t lie – driving in to a pretty miserable looking Kalkbay and seeing nothing but grey clouds gathering over the mountain and trees being whipped around by, what the locals would probably call a “stiff breeze”! So much for a nice relaxing sunset shoot, I though. But that all changed pretty quickly, seeing these to all dressed up – all glamorous looking – like they stepped out for a late lunch on the French Riviera… Continue Reading..



I love shooting maternity portraits and for this shoot I had a pretty specific look in mind – both in terms of shooting and post processing… in fact, I had been walking around with the idea in my head for a few weeks, wanting desperately to organise a shoot so I can try some things out… So I was only too happy when the time came to do Carla’s preggie shoot, seeing as I knew we’d be heading into the city and shooting around town, which was perfect for everything I wanted to try. Super happy with how things came out too!
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